The Seduction of Slimness: Change Your Story, Change Your Body!

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So, you’re doing your spring/summer “bikini diet?” Start with an intention that works, and discover a new story about your body, mind and spirit!

When I talk with my friends and clients about dieting, I hear resistance and despair — not because we don’t want to be healthy or slimmer! It’s because we’re the victims of an addictive, self-hating story.

There’s a strange cultural story that simmers inside every diet plan, vibrates with the self-hating core story inside everyone who feels “fat.” It goes something like this: if you’re fat or overweight, you’re not attractive, not strong, not disciplined, not all you should be. You’re less than, unworthy, ugly, and should be ashamed. Now that’s a self-sabotaging story, taught to us by the diet industry (that depends on our failure to survive), and reinforced by years of internalized insults, fear and despair.

This number isn't a story until YOU make it one!
This number isn’t a story until YOU make it one!

Ironically, this shame story isn’t what will get you thinner or healthier — it’s what keeps you at an uncomfortable weight! Self-love (along with changed eating and exercise habits) is the key to changing your body, because until you change your story, your body will not be able to shift.

It’s not realistic for most of us to suddenly go from body-shame to body-love, but we can start to change that internal story, and step by step move forward to a new story about our healthier body! It starts with a deep core story intention, a new perspective that holds the possibility of healthy change while we make internal and external changes, step by step.

Set an intention to release and shift the patterns, relationships, and eating/moving habits that lock you into a heavy body, and you will lose more than physical weight!

I’ve tried (and failed at) Weight Watchers and other diets that focus on controlling food and portions, measuring food, paying attention to food, and essentially thinking all the time about food. I lost weight, but gained it back pretty quickly, mainly because I became obsessed with — you guessed it — food! Once I went into “maintenance,” it was all about food, food, food, food, food. The story of my life was eating, controlling eating, and losing control over eating, meal to meal, snack to snack. A vicious cycle.

Although I learned some valuable lessons about portion size and healthy food choices, I also believed the diet hype, that controlling food consumption is the key to a healthy body. And that’s such a very small part of the story!

Our bodies are not only physical stories about what we eat and how we move. They are a reflection of our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves as well.So the key is setting an intention that takes the whole shift into account, not just the food part. In order to change our physical habits, we need to shift the stories that shaped them, from the deepest levels (emotional, intellectual, attitudinal) to the shallowest (the food we eat).

With an effective story, any program can work, as long as the program doesn’t disturb your body chemistry with unhealthy or unbalanced deprivations. It’s about the intention you set, and your attention to getting the support you need!

The program that supported my slim down success was the Purium cleanse, a 10-day vegetable and supplement regime that helped me detox as well as release pounds. But what made the cleanse work was my intention: to release whatever was in my way of being healthy, present, and joyful in the world. Being thinner is only a small part of that presence. It’s important to me, but so is having healthy relationships, feeling strong, and embracing joy. As part of that big story, eating healthy is EASY now that I’ve detoxed from my cravings and inflammations, and become more mobile and happier with how I look in the mirror.

Change from the inside out changes not only how you appear to yourself, but how you appear to the world.

Other people see you as you see yourself!
Other people see you as you see yourself!

As I’ve maintained the 15 pounds I lost, and allowed that intention to percolate through my daily life, I’ve discovered an amazing truth: people perceive me as strong and attractive, more and more, the more joyful and present I become. Sure, I’m a bit slimmer (only a bit, mind you! I will continue gradually slimming down as I get healthier). According to our culture, I’m prettier than I was before I lost some weight, but I’m by no means slender. Yet the world treats me as if I am significantly sexier and more attractive!

Because I am. It turns out the biggest and most important change is internal.  I’ve lost more than weight — I’ve gradually lost shame and fear because I’ve detoxed from the stories that were poisoning me.

That’s the power of changing your story, shifting from the core instead of from the surface. If you can find a way to change your story, your body will follow.

So, if you’re thinking of losing some pounds, why not lose the attitudes and stories that put them there? That’s sustainable weight loss!

Are you starting a weight loss program, and want support changing your story so you can sustain long-term health? Contact me to find out how I can help! We can work together via Skype, on the phone, or in person, depending on your needs! We can also schedule half or full day intensives to move you forward quickly with clarity, getting you from crisis mode to healthy action!

Good luck, and remember: you are NOT what you eat! You are the story you’re telling yourself!



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