Creativity and Intuition are Connected! Learn How to Energize Every Day!

When we learn to listen to our deepest selves, we connect with our creativity. But it’s a daily practice, not a passive process! Give your muse a pathway, and you’ll be inspired for a lifetime!

P1090391Here are three useful daily practices that will help you energize your intuition:

1. Sit quietly, paying attention to the nurturing flow of your breath. I know, sounds simple! But it’s so important, in this stressful world where we hold our breath far too long, sapping our energy and joy. 10 minutes in the morning, 1o minutes at night — and you will be more calmly connected to your body, mind and spirit.

2. Keep a journal of your dreams. Yep, we’ve all tried it — and we know, when we do it, we dream more vividly and remember the intuitive messages from our dreams. Once we remember, we can apply them in our day, lessons and insights to get us back on track!

3. Act on your intuitive “hits.” Are you worrying about a friend? Give her a call. Do you have a strong feeling about a route you might take, or a connection you need to make? Follow it. See what happens. You’ll probably prevent disasters and open up space for good things!

Sure, (you ask), I’ll probably feel better if I do these three things, but how does this nurture my creativity?

1. If you breathe, your brain and body will be more relaxed and grounded, you will recognize and avoid distraction more easily, and you’ll be more in touch with yourself. That means greater clarity and creativity.

2. If you pay attention to your dreams, the voice of your organizing unconscious, you’ll be inspired by your inner story, images, and have a regular movie that shows you your hopes, dreams, and obstacles. When you get out of your own way, your creativity sparks!

3. If you act on your intuitive hits, you’ll make strong connections in the world with people who lift you up instead of people who want to feed on your creative energy. You’ll get into the flow. You’ll begin to do what’s important to you, not what you think you’re supposed to do.

Want to learn more strategies and meet other seekers? Join me and AnnaMariah Nau, gemstone healer and jewelry designer, on July 25, for a one-day Summer Retreat, in Accokeek, MD. Even if you can’t come on July 25, contact me now to find out about upcoming workshops and creative coaching opportunities.


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