Shower Singing, Without the Water: Why I Love Karaoke

Communal joy — not perfectionism — makes a story sing! A great reminder from Amy Cohen, Creativity Specialist.


microphone-laying-wooden-stool-under-spotlight-23504944This morning I was reading an interview with New Yorker cartoon editor  Bob Mankoff in today’s New York Times Magazine. When asked whether or not an artist will redo an unsatisfactory cartoon submission,  he responded, “I often say the difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur really likes everything they do.”

And I found myself thinking, “What would be so bad about that?”

Not that I am knocking the rigor and discipline that lead to greatness. But everyone needs a place in their life where they can be an amateur. Eddie Cantor once said, “It takes twenty years to become an overnight success.” We spend most of our time seeking to achieve and to earn recognition in most areas of our lives. How many of us can honestly say we really like everything we do?

This struck  me with particular poignance today, the morning after I made…

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