In Overwhelming Times, Acknowledging the Power of Emotional Detox


It’s late summertime, when we move through transitions, become more pensive, and harvest the summer fruits to prepare for the fall cooling. This year, we face a combination of troubling political times as well as the usual emotional challenges of this interstitial season. Here are some words of wisdom from the world at large to help you detox emotionally as you take charge of your physical healing.


Pamela Levin in the Huffington Post encourages us to dive deep and shed negative emotions to heal ourselves in the long run….

“Some of you may have heard or read about the late Dr. Candace Pert. Dr Pert was an internationally recognized neuroscientist and pharmacologist. In 1997, she published a book called The Molecules of Emotion in which she described her research showing that emotions we feel can impact and change the biology of our cells. Our cells are affected by both positive and negative emotions. Hence, good emotions like joy, love, kindness, compassion, empathy, happiness, and bliss parlay into new (healthy) cell growth. On the flip side, negative emotions do exactly the opposite; they send signals to our cells that interrupt normal cell regeneration.”

She recommends that we let ourselves CRY. “When you are in that state of angst, I say “CRY.” Cry when you need to. If it’s painful, cry. If you are so darn angry, release it in a place where you can cause NO harm to another soul or property. Then cry. Why do you think you were given the biological ability to cry? Crying is a physical release of emotion. But also recognize that sometimes crying is the release of an overabundance of a great good emotion (i.e., I laughed until I cried.)”

736268_10202768088661547_6265648457030854962_o-1The Chopra Center offers nine suggestions for seasonal detox, regular system toning and cleansing, always a good idea because it helps us physically and emotionally reboot our systems with the changing seasons.

In terms of emotional detox, I think the best advice they give is Get Plenty of Rest. “Our mind-body has an incredible system of detoxification and self-healing, and by removing ourselves from some of the daily stressors and distractions in life for a short while, we can enhance our innate healing powers. Each day, take some time for yourself to sit and rest in a peaceful environment.  Consider disconnecting from watching the news, or spending unnecessary time on the computer or phone.

“Get plenty of sleep each night and take a nap if you feel the need. A lot of our body’s healing takes place when we sleep. Ideally, we should be in bed by 10−10:30 p.m. in order to maximize our natural detoxification process.  Melatonin, our natural sleep hormone, is an important anti-oxidant, and studies are showing that it has beneficial effects on other hormones in our bodies as well as on the immune system.”

38fd014In Psychology Today, Cynthia Thaick recommends emotional detox as a way to keep your physical heart healthy over the long term. It’s a way of showing loving care to yourself, she says, and that’s key in heart health.

Her best advice: “Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help.” So many of my clients have a lifelong habit of trying to “go it alone,” and only ask for support when they find themselves in deep trouble. It takes a lot longer to get back to joy and health when you’ve postponed support.

Thaick writes, “Delving deep into your emotions is no easy task, and you may find yourself feeling drained or coming up short when it comes to getting to the root of your feelings. A professional therapist [or life coach] can help you deal with your emotions in a safe and efficient manner, which will leave you with more time to focus on the good. In addition, close friends, family members, and loved ones can be invaluable support during an emotional detox.”

Keep in mind, emotions need detoxing as well, when you fast for optimum physical health, cut out addictive foods or numbing agents like drugs or alcohol, and change unhealthy habits. Make sure you support your whole system when you detox — mind, body and spirit!

Then your changes will be sustainable, because you’re creating space for a new story that will help you claim a better way of living.

2015-05-13 10.37.50Find out more about Storyweaving; contact me to talk about combining energy work, physical healing, and coaching to make your journey to health easier!



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