There are no mistakes! A great reminder… thanks #Oprah…

Need a boost? Check out this beautiful sermon — relax, wake up, take the next step!

Your life is bigger than any one experience!

Let your next right step be one where you choose your deepest story, your best self, your brave hope! One step at a time….



5 thoughts on “There are no mistakes! A great reminder… thanks #Oprah…

  1. Oprah quotes and promotions are all over the map. Will she say and do anything to sell and make money. One of her super soul promotions was quack faith healer john of god and his up your nose surgery to cure cancer. Unbelievable quackery. But not for Oprah, check what happened to Lisa Melman, the woman Oprah used on her show to promote this. Tragic. After Oprah promoted quack faith healer john of god and this woo, I stopped believing everything she says.

    1. This video is just good common sense about goal-setting, positive thinking and connecting with purpose, so I don’t think it falls into any category of dangerous or speculative medicine! But you raise an interesting point about alternative therapies that seem to go over the line, and I know John of God is controversial.

      Dr. Oz, another holistic doctor/talk show host, said in an ABC article, “Either he’s [John of God] a healer who has found some talents that he has innately within him and can help people — or he’s crazy,” Oz said.

      I don’t know enough about him to comment myself, but the link you created in your blog to David Gorsky, a biology-based science advocate, is in interesting perspective about what is often dismissed as “woo.” As an alternative healer and coach, who built Storyweaving strategies based on neurological and somatic scientific discoveries, I believe practitioners need to be clear, in integrity, and well trained so people can have real results. I always encourage people who are physically or psychologically challenged to make our work together part of a larger team of doctors and/or therapists. And I believe people exploring alternative healing need to be informed, aware and an active part of the process, so they can honor themselves and their own process and needs as they heal and move forward.

      If you’re interested in this debate, you might be interested in looking at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, You Are the Placebo, which casts an interesting light on the science behind the mystery of healing and the placebo effect. Not all “woo” is unrelated to science, no matter what Gorsky thinks. After all, when the MRI was developed, it was demonstrated that the human cranial sutures do actually move slightly, even in adults, as Cranial Sacral Therapy practitioners had argued for decades.

      Thanks for your comment!

      1. Thanks, Very interesting. I will check out Joe Dispenza’s work. But, I think you’ll find that john of god is more than controversial as lisa melman’s story will show.He is only controversial because people like Oprah, Dr Oz, Dyer have promoted him with really biased and untruthful reporting. Dr Oz is a sham. His comment that you quoted is a pure example of his misdirection. He purposefully states only two options/ choices for believe in john of god. But there are many more. A major one being (exactly what his critics say): John of God is Not crazy, Not gifted with supernatural spirit powers but more realistically he is a stage show performer/ faith healer. But of course that makes for a dull show. And not what Oprah cares to promote.

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