Are you TOO SERIOUS!? Stop It! (w/Inspiration from Artist Susan Johnson)

Many thanks today to artist Cathy G. Johnson, whose blog, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down reminded me to take a deep breath and be less serious! (Also thanks to another amazing artist, Patrise Henkel, who turned me on to her work!) Johnson’s drawing says it all! may22_01-491x700.jpg

There’s a reason I created Storyweaving, a system designed to support change through play! Like Johnson, I’m waaaaaaaaay too serious! Creative, heal thyself, right?

Lately I’ve been the poster child for this drawing, stewing in my own goals! Is it the season, or just me!? Whichever it is, I have to get my head out of the smog and live the practices I know will work:

Experiment, Celebrate and Play my way forward! That’s how goals become the stories that fuel our lives, instead of the burdens that keep us from living…

Onward! Today, I will experiment my way forward as I write the second volume of the Storyweaving Playbook (workbook just seems like drudgery!). And, for all of us, let’s not let our heads get so smogged in we forget to play!



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