Fall offers up her glories; a peaceful, constant waxing and waning is the way of nature…

As above so below…. as without, so within.

In nature, there is blossoming and the withering, migration and rest. Connecting with that beautiful paradox helps us connect with the paradoxes of our own cycles, whether they’re flowing with the year or part of the unique transformations of our lives.




The last wildflowers of early fall often glow the brightest…

So if you’re moving through a fall, are you appreciating the wisdom and insights of the luminous blooms of your own wild self?



img_1820Migrations and transformations exhaust the butterfly; this one feeds off the minerals of a damp beach before moving on…

Are you going through a transformation, moving from one place to another, one way of being to another? Are you pausing to nourish your journey with what is needed?


Take time to reflect today, and appreciate your journey, wherever you are. It’s your story. Make it a good one.


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