In this election season, and in our lives, let’s ban BOTH pedestals and shaming posts!

Oh, I am so heavy hearted lately, watching my Facebook and Twitter pages pile up with hero worship and villainizing of the Presidential candidates, and then anyone who agrees or disagrees. We are forgetting how to talk together, to see the whole picture. And it all starts with this tragic truth:  putting someone on a pedestal can be just as dehumanizing as kicking them into the dirt. So this is my plea, today:

  1. Get the facts when you can.
  2. Ask the hard questions.
  3. Listen.
  4. Challenge your own preconceptions. It’s not necessarily fun at first, but it makes a world of difference!

-1.jpgLets look with both mind and heart, and be awake enough to see the story that’s being told, the spin or the message or the myth that’s trying to influence the way we interpret what you hear. Unconscious emotional stigmatizing or hero worship makes us and our hero/villains victims, and only increases our distress.Healing-Shame-by-Runar-Pedersen-Holkestad.jpg

If you truly believe what the inspirational quotes say, that we are all stardust, that we need to connect, to really know each other, you must resist pedestals and shaming posts. Neither serves our highest good!

What a difference it would make, in this election discussion, in our relationships with those we love, or people who make us feel uncomfortable, defensive, small.

Let’s “be the change we want to see in the world.”


4 thoughts on “In this election season, and in our lives, let’s ban BOTH pedestals and shaming posts!

  1. Hmmm, I avoid the political posturing or monstering as my daughter calls it. You can not teach dialog to people who IMHO are constantly spoken at. The best conversations I have are sitting down with people, in places where the media isn’t….. where social networks aren’t.
    The hardest part about listening to politicians is that they are liars, by trade. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get a vote. When I hear them speak my gut clenches and my inner voice tells me it’s time to go…
    I think it would be so beautiful if more people went out and wrote in for candidates. Wrote in a person who they believed in, ~sigh~ wouldn’t that be lovely?

    1. I love the term “monstering!” Perfection! It’s so complicated, isn’t it, communication and conversation. You’re right about politicians, I think — they spin stories like singers sing songs…. and we are persuaded, or not. Resistant, or compliant. We are more than that, though, in the end, and that is my hope. We can choose freedom and love, and manifest that in the world, through sweat and tears and laughter and honesty.

      I know exactly what you mean, your gut clenching! Still, I have hope.

    1. It seems I’m coming to an idea of civility in my mid-years. I still value revolution, but in the discourse today, which is so us vs them, we keep forgetting that it’s a seductive distraction to be righteous, and separate.

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