Are you ready to take the leap!? Three ways to keep yourself going, leap by leap….

Every week, I get to ask myself this question: Am I ready to take the leap? Every week, the leap is different, although it’s usually in the same direction, a step towards a long-term goal. But every week, I have to take that leap — the leap of faith, the leap of focus, the leap of time, the leap of hope.


Here’s what keeps me leaping.

  1. In my grand to-do list, I remember to put something I love to do at the very top. Every week, that prime real estate is reserved for something that moves me towards a larger project that I love. I leap more easily when I do that.
  2. I  make the leap my top priority that week by giving time enough in my schedule, with space around it. All the maintenance and meetings and other activities fit around it.
  3. I reward myself for taking the leap, no matter how small. A treat, a celebration, an hour-long walk in the sun.

What keeps you leaping? Let us know so we can be inspired on those days that make taking the leap more of a chore than a pleasure….



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