Journal Games: Write Yourself Free From the Past and Release Your Stuck Story

Are you stuck, emotionally or energetically, in bad experiences? Do toxic relationships keep overflowing your memory with poison? They often get “caught” on your triggering habits and beliefs. Here are a few journal-writing strategies that will help you write your way free from these stuck stories. I’ve used them in my workshops and with my clients, most recently at the Women of Wisdom (WOW) Retreat.

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Want to free yourself from stuck habits and beliefs?
Draw a two-columned table. Over the first column write: CELEBRATION, and over the second write: CHALLENGES. In the first column (and be sure to start with this one!) list all the habits you have that you really appreciate. In the second, write all the habits that challenge you still. Do this separately for your beliefs.

Be honest — no one will see this but you.

1. Choose a habit or belief from each column, and write about how the habit you appreciate can help you change the one that challenges you.

2. Choose the habit or belief that challenges you, and that you’re really ready to change. Write honestly, with compassion, and in detail about the roots of that habit — how it took hold, and why. Once you understand the roots, you can take the steps to shift that habit, one step at a time. (You can do the same basic thing with habits you appreciate in order to build your sense of what you do RIGHT in your life!)

2.  Imagine you have changed a habit or belief that feels really stuck. Describe your life without it. Then describe how you changed it, as if it was already an accomplishment. (Do you get a different motivation, perspective, solution?)

img_1820And always remember, step by step, we grow and change. Leaps are rare on the journey, and they always come when we’ve released enough of our baggage to give our steps more light.


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