Share Your Gift: It’s the Only One You Can Give with your Full Heart

Are you searching for the sweet spot in your worklife? Look no further than the gift you know you were born to share. With focus, planning, and vision, you’ll move into the flow of abundance and find real satisfaction.

Here’s a great way to think about it, especially if you want to manifest your gift in the world as part of your paying, meaningful work. The sweet spot is the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs.


Your passion, your mission, your profession and your vocation intersect in what the Japanese call the “ikegai,” your reason for being.

When you find that sweet spot, you will love the story of your life, because you’ll be living authentically. It takes some work and self-searching. And it’s well worth it!

storyweavingbookadvertisementYou can start by filling out the chart and see what you find out. And if you want to dive deeper, check out my book, Answer the Call to Adventure, a playful and practical step by step exploration of your experiences, your calling, your gifts, and tools to find the inner and outer support you need to answer that call in the world.


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