What do you know now? It will sustain you if you let it….

In challenging times, honoring what we love, celebrating what we know, simple and complex, is a way to sustain our energy as we stay in the flow and move towards our goals.

Here’s a beautiful poem to inspire you to love the story of your life.

What I Know
by Lee Robinson

What I know for sure is less and less:
that a hot bath won’t cure loneliness.

That bacon is the best bad thing to chew
and what you love may kill you.

The odd connection between perfection
and foolishness, like the pelican
diving for his fish.

How silly sex is.
How, having it, we glimpse
our holiness.

What I know is less and less.
What I want is more and more:

you against me—
your ferocious tenderness—

love like a star,
once small and far,
now huge, now near.

“What I Know” by Lee Robinson from Hearsay. © Fordham University Press, 2004.

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