Is Your Life Big Enough for You? Time to Take a True Measure

msp33vqb9fHave you ever thought, my life is too small, my life is too big, my life just isn’t enough!? Join the human club, a pity party all of us join at some point. When those voices rise, it’s time to ask, “What if” and shake off the blues so you can see the road of your life more clearly as exactly your size. Jane Hirschfield says is wonderfully in this poem, My Life Was the Size of My Life.

My Life Was the Size of My Life

My life was the size of my life.
Its rooms were room-sized,
its soul was the size of a soul.
In its background, mitochondria hummed,
above it sun, clouds, snow,
the transit of stars and planets.
It rode elevators, bullet trains,
various airplanes, a donkey.
It wore socks, shirts, its own ears and nose.
It ate, it slept, it opened
and closed its hands, its windows.
Others, I know, had lives larger.
Others, I know, had lives shorter.
The depth of lives, too, is different.
There were times my life and I made jokes together.
There were times we made bread.
Once, I grew moody and distant.
I told my life I would like some time,
I would like to try seeing others.
In a week, my empty suitcase and I returned.
I was hungry, then, and my life,
my life, too, was hungry, we could not keep
our hands off       our clothes on
our tongues from

From The Beauty (Alfred A. Knopf, 2015). Copyright © 2015 by Jane Hirshfield.

We may outgrow clothes, a job, a relationship, but our life grows and shrinks with us. If we don’t like what’s going on, we need to adjust the situations that make us feel small, bloated, confused, stuck. We can change them, slowly or quickly, if we don’t blame life, own what we’ve done to get stuck, and move, step by step, to change the situation.

It can be hard or easy, but it can change, especially if we gather a team and the will to move out of a stuck place into the flow. When we’re back in the flow, then we find the hunger Hirshfield celebrates, the passion to stay alive and kicking (and dancing) in the life we have.

See my blog about gratitude practices for a clue how to see your life more truly!

Need support to get unstuck? Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute coaching session to find out how Storyweaving can help you.



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