What does it mean to know yourself as old? Ram Dass reflects on healthy aging in a society that devalues older people

We all get to grow older, if we’re blessed to be alive. So what does it mean to you? What stories are you carrying about aging, and how might they make you sicker, weaker, slower before you really need to be? Mindful aging means being aware of the cultural stereotypes and personal fears that might just sabotage years that could be amazing!

Ram Dass, consciousness guru and practical wise man, has good words to say about this. Whether you’re moving past middle age, or still in your youth, it’s smart to wake up about his tips to break out of the prejudiced, self-sabotaging box that makes us small and scared, and keep growing and enjoying life instead!

Are you aging into more freedom so you can finally tackle that dream project, a novel or your painting or a new, more satisfying career? Contact me to find out how Storyweaving Coaching and Healing can help you make your dream come true, one step at a time…


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