Aida: Art to Open the Heart

Do you give yourself rewards for the creative fire you offer the world? Yesterday, I gave myself one — the Washington National Opera’s production of Aida. Bathing in the music and virtuoso voices, I felt my heart wake up with this stark, romantic tragedy.

For me, it’s the music and the singing, not really the story and the spectacle. If you’re already an opera lover, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The power of those voices, that music, that intimate and extraordinary wash of emotion that makes the feelings of the story make sense, even if the plot is — well, let’s just say, a bit over the top.

There were moments when that sound, that feeling, fed my soul, and opened my heart in a way that softened something in me, satisfied a need to be held boldly. (That’s why I love theatre — it wakes up something in me, when it’s great, when it stretches me on every level.)

What art stretches you, opens your heart? Are you feeding your creative fire with the reward of that fundamental soul food?

With my coaching clients, I sometimes feel like a broken record. “Reward yourself, reward yourself, reward yourself….” This is important for my artists and writers, and also for the visionaries who are shaping their lives with their creative fire. What is it about our habits, that we hold ourselves back from the very thing that will make us fall in love with life?

aida_480I was so grateful to Aida, because those hard working actors, designers and directors helped me reward myself for a lot of challenging writing on my second Storyweaving workbook. I got to walk my talk, another plus — part of being a coach and teacher is that I love practicing what I preach!

The bottom line is that there’s nothing more important than living our values, and rewarding ourselves for the step by step process of living the life we love. What does that mean to you? What gift are you going to give yourself today that feeds your creative fire?

Want support in claiming your creative fire? Join me for a Storyweaving Intensive on November 12 in Alexandria, VA. We will take a visionary journey to clear out the clutter in your thinking and identify allies and obstacles; create a mindmap to clarify your vision and find the source of your joy; and inspire each other with insights to take into your daily life to feed your progress with the fire from your core! At the end of this workshop, your passion will be grounded in next steps rising from your unique needs and process, and you’ll feel stronger and clearer about your purpose, goals and next steps. Reward yourself!


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