Two Daily Practices to Get Your Motor Running….

This week, I was inspired by a Gen Y visionary, Noah Urban. Designer, artist and all around great guy, Urban already sees the connection between feeling stuck and low self-esteem. The key, he says, is owning and celebrating your identity.

“Identity is defined as the parts of our lives that we associate with; something we would consider correcting if described inaccurately about us. “Actually, I’m a graphic designer, not a blogger.” Photographer, geek, car enthusiast, entrepreneur, man, human….We can learn new things and build new identities and release them as needed. What if identities are little tugboats that putter out and get us moving in the right direction?” Read more….

So what’s tied up in your identity that’s keeping you from moving? Are you struggling with self-esteem? With confidence, practice, and experimentation, it’s easier than you think to fuel a great life and build self esteem, no matter how you’ve been raised, no matter what challenges you might be facing.

Here’s a daily practice that helps get you chugging along with more joy, DAILY BEGINNINGS, DAILY REST. It starts with three deep breaths, when you wake up, and when you lie down to sleep. Then, look forward to (or look back on) one or two things in your day that were uniquely yours, that your unique identity made possible. Feel that satisfaction and peace every day, no matter what little or big challenges might haunt your schedule! Read more about how to make this an easy part of your daily ritual.

And if you’re looking for ways to jumpstart your tugboat, check out the free and affordable Storyweaving Intensives in Alexandria, VA, coming up in October and November, or email me to schedule a free 30 minute phone appointment to talk about how Storyweaving can get you into the flow, with life coaching, writing and creative project coaching, or energy healing.


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